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iTechBids Gold 7.01.045 script description:

Publisher review:
iTechBids is a fully functional auction software product and website. ITechBids is a fully functional auction software product and website! With comprehensive bid management systems in place, ITechBids is surely the best choice for webmasters.

ITechBids is a complete web application coded using PHP with MYSQL in backend. Full developer API allows endless possibilities to integrate add-on features. Improved Control Panel helps manage the script with ease and precision. Dutch Auction, User Store and many more features have been added in the recent release.

Notes: Installation of the Demo version is mandatory before purchase. Additional modules available for purchase.


- Automatic installation wizard.
- 20 attractive templates.
- 4 level membership.
- Versatile withdraw system.
- Enable/disable site settings.
- Discount coupon management.
- Offline payment integration.
- Report abuse to admin.
- Home page news display.
- Posting/ registration approval system.
- Google adsense support.
- Pending/ complete transaction notifications.
- Thin encryption, 100% customizable.
- Template-based customizable design.
- Language support for 5 major languages.
- User-Store with subscription system.
- Admin support for Account & Live Mode.
- Admin support for Fee-Structuring.
- Tax/ VAT calculator for store owners.
- Comprehensive Private-Messaging system.
- Search friendly Meta-Tag Generator.
- Comprehensive Banner-Rotator system.
- 4 level advance affiliate/ referral system.
Auction Listing
- Seller can easily select the right category for the items.
- Sellers can enter their selection for any custom fields.
- Sellers can use HTML or plain text in their item description or enjoy the benefit of our new fckEditor.
- Sellers can choose to list right away or choose a custom start time for their item.
- Create HTML listings directly through ITechBids with our built in fckEditor.
- Sellers can upload pictures of their items to be displayed next to their listing. The admin user can edit the amount of allowed pictures. Users can also choose to use remotely hosted images with their auction.
- Sellers can hide bids by selecting private auction.
- Sellers can select the frequency for auto-relist.
- Sellers can specify start date & delay time.
- Sellers can sell Auction format / Dutch auction / fixed price auction / Classifieds Ad which is ideal when listing several of the same items.
- Buyer can get the item immediately (without bid) if he likes the item.
- Shipping details will clearly be given for the seller to choose the specific area or worldwide.
- Site fees will be displayed (setup by the admin) dynamically during the selling process.
- List a similar item to your other auctions easily via the members area.
- Sellers can select which payment methods they accept. The corresponding methods are then
- Displayed on the item details page.
User Features
- Will display the list of items which the user has bided for buying.
- Entire details about the selling items. They are in 4 types live item , sold item, unsold item and unpaid item.
- Users can create custom about me page.
- Users can add funds directly into accounts (Account Mode).
- Users can withdraw funds from account (Account Mode).
- Alert message in the member area.
- Wanted Items for unavailable products.
- User’s watched items will be stored in a particular area for his future reference.
- Feedbacks are formatted in a positive / negative / neutral. User has to select any one of the option and post his feedback.
- User can create a new store to display all his items in the particular foliate.
- Users can update their details and preferences.
- List of winners will be sent in the email to all users.
- Add funds to user accounts to carry out future deals.
- List of detailed transaction history.
- Item Enquiry.
Admin Features
- The login is the Site username and the password is case sensitive. Once the admin use logged into the Site Administrator, the admin user can change his password.
- All registered user will be having their own IP logged for security.
- Admin user can update site settings.
- Admin user can update site template.
- Admin user can approve/ disapprove postings or registrations.
- Admin user can change site modes (account or live payment).
- Admin user can set preferred payment method for add / withdraw funds.
- Admin user can update site statistics.
- Admin user can view the unverified users and make the registration process.
- Admin user can extend the auction duration when the auction is about to close.
- Admin user can view all the live auction list.
- Admin user can view all the expired auction list.
- Admin user can view all the suspended auction list.
- Admin user can add or delete the registered use. He has the full control over the registered members.
- Control each and every users feedback ratings.
- Admin users can view and act upon suggested categories.
- Admin user can edit or add categories according to the needs.
- Admin user can control the auction duration of an item.
- Admin user can add a new admin user or delete existing user.
- Admin user can manage all the feedbacks. He can either add or delete the feedback sent by the user.
- Admin user can view all the active auction and he can even stop the live auction.
- User can either edit the auctions thro’ admin area.
- Admin user can Add / Edit / Delete news page.
- Admin can add banner
- Admin user can edit the following pages About us Contact us Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
- Admin user can edit the Header and Footer of the site.
- Content of the emails sent to users could be editable by the admin user
- Admin user can either hide or show the payment gateway thro which he wants to get the payment from the user.
Requirements: · Web Space : Minimum 10 MB (Without Data) · Bandwidth: 1 GB (2 GB Recommended) · Web Server: Apache 1.3.27 (Or Later)/ IIS 6.0 (Or Later) · Server Side Script: PHP 5 (Or Later) · Database GUI Tool: phpMyAdmin 2.3.2 (Or Later) · Database: MySQL 4.0.22 (Or Later) · Server OS/ Environment: Linux (Recomended)/ Windows 2003 Server · PHP Lib: cURL Support · Encryption: Ioncube Loader · Note: The server should have Cron Job feature.
iTechBids Gold 7.01.045 is a PHP script for Auctions scripts design by iTechScripts. It runs on following operating system: Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris.

Operating system:
Windows / Linux / Mac OS / BSD / Solaris

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